What Is Project Management

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What Is Project Management

For those trying to get a better handle of the concept behind Project Management and how having an effective project management system in place can help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve your overall project success rate.. the video below gives a brief two minute overview.



  1. 3iMi5 Reply

    Great vid, thanks :D

  2. Thomas Jones Reply

    Did you hear that the PMI has issued version 5 of the PMBOK and any exams after July 31st 2013 will be based on it. Gulp!

  3. Chris Croft Reply

    Not bad! I just wanted a bit more about Gantt Charts, but still, some good points here

  4. Inspire Education - Courses & Training Reply

    great vid, ill have to grab the slides for future reference!

  5. Patrick Douglas Reply


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